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Good Graphic Design Sells Your Product, Or Does It?

November 23, 2019

blog dotcom solution Good Graphic Design Sells Your Product, Or Does It?

Let’s begin with a simple question: do you think good graphic design can communicate with your customer to make greater profits?

Now, when certain these following words appeared, what products come first to your mind: soft drink, search engine, mobile phone. Take one second to think and do not change your mind!

If you Coke, Google, and iPhone emerged on your mind after reading the following words, then you belong to the majority of people who have used those products. Those big products are already sticking in our mind, because of many reasons. One of them is because they have a distinctively good graphic design for promoting their brands.

You may think that time also helps them grow to be a giant as now. However small you may think, their brands’ graphic design played important roles in their long journey to be as they are right now.

So how powerful graphic designs can be for a brand, and can they really help you sell your product? Here are the answers:

Altering people’s perception

Graphic designs in form of packagings, logos, ads banners may alter people’s perception towards your product. The tone, the color, the mood of the design you use impact significantly on how they see your product. It only takes one glance for them to judge whether your product deserves a purchase or not! Which is why the graphic you use to promote your products should represent your product perfectly.

Before thinking about the graphic design, you should think about the identity of your product, what values you want people to get when they are consuming your product. Starting from there, you can now begin to step into designing the face of your brands. Use what is already on your mind! The stigma of colors, the emotion of the model in the picture, the language used in the slogans. Make everything as bold as possible, so people will understand your product in just one sight!

Obtain customers trust

Customer are judgemental and picky! They tend to use products with ‘believable’ design. If it is too tacky, people will swipe left. If it is gloomy, people will ignore. Graphic design is all about taste. You need to ‘play’ with people’s mind to make them stop at the front of your products when they are browsing through racks in the shopping malls. You need to convince them to buy your product even though they do not really need it. Once you have gained their trust, they will never turn away to your competitors!

Make your product easy to remember

Imagine your products are acknowledged the same way as Coke, Google or iPhone. People will already recognize your product even though they only saw a small logo from hundreds of meter away. People will relate to your product when they saw a certain color. More impressively, people will use your brands as metonymy when they want to refer to a particular thing. It may be a long shot but is possible with consistent branding and timeless graphic design in every part of your product. Your graphic design should distinct your product from the other, make it stand out in public, and make sure it gives your product a strong identity so that people will remember your product without hassles!

Every business owner might have different branding strategies. You might have many choices in making your product known publicly. BUT representing your brand with good graphic design is not an option! It is, instead, investment to make your product known timelessly.

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