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How Blog Content Helps Your Business Thrive

December 13, 2019

blog dotcom solution How Blog Content Helps Your Business Thrive

Sometimes writing for blog contents is merely a hobby to kill the time. It can also be a path in elevating one’s career (e.g. travel blogger or food blogger). For business owners, it is a rather different case. Their businesses leverage blog contents to thrive even further. With correct SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, their businesses are guaranteed to have a special spot in customers’ hearts.

Only there is one serious matter: Indonesian people have low interest in reading. Data from UNESCO stated that only 0.01% of children population in Indonesia who likes to read. In other words, only 1 in 10,000 children in Indonesia who sees reading as a fun activity to do. It becomes a challenge for business owners who want to weaponize their blog contents to reach the goal of success. Which is why business owners need to be creative in producing their blog contents to attract more possible customers.

Here are some reasons why you need to make your blog contents look more appealing and make your business grow like never before!

Rank your website at the top

This is when SEO makes its awaited action. When searching something on the internet, most people tend to click the top 5 websites appeared on their search result. There is still a chance people will click the second page of google result pages, but not as many. People trust search engines to show them the best result of the particular things people are looking for. Of course, it seems tempting, but to make your website appear at the top of result pages (SERPS) require a strong commitment and patience. While it is easier and quicker to make your ads appear on their smartphones, ranking your website at the top 5 takes quite some time.

The commitment refers to keep updating your blog with contents that contain keywords related to your business. You may publish your blog contents daily or twice a week, but never stop until you see the result you have awaited.

Your landing page is just a front door, but there are many other doors

Business owners usually link their ads with their website landing page, but it does not necessarily mean that the landing page is the only gate where people can get into your website. Your blog contents have big possibilities to appear on a certain keyword search! That is where other doors are opened for customers to visit your website. You can include CTA (Call to Action) in your blog post to guide the reader directly to your website.

Make good impressions of your customer

When people begin to fall in love with your product, everything you say (or publish) will automatically get their attention. They will listen to you through your blog posts. Thus, your blog contents should meet, at least, the blog post standards just like any other blogs, as written on the following commandments:

  • You should present valid data to your readers.
  • You should CITE the sources properly to avoid plagiarism.
  • You should write your blog contents in an attractive format and it should be easy to digest.
  • You should always watch the appropriateness of the language you use.
  • You should know what topics may grab your customers’ interest.


Your blog posts are your product face. If they are ugly, so it is. So make sure you always double check the quality of your blog contents before clicking the publish button.

Inform your user that your products are alive

Customers are worried people with so much consideration when they are about to use a certain product. They will browse on everything you have showcased on the internet before really making a purchase. Your blog posts, apart from making a good impression, also tells your customer that your businesses are still going and the product is alive and well. It is a secret, people tend to be more reluctant to make a purchase of a certain product when there is no updates on their social media and on their blog.


So be prepared to make the commitment to make your business grow even further!

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