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How to Not Get Killed by Millennials (Owning Market With Mobile Apps)

December 13, 2019

blog dotcom solution How to Not Get Killed by Millennials (Owning Market With Mobile Apps)

If you don’t fulfill their need, then you are already on their murder list!


Millennials are the new goldmine for every business owner. The bad news is, they are extremely tricky to please! It is only one step away from a total disaster towards your businesses when it comes to facing this generation. One of the few ways of getting their attention is by expanding your business into a digital platform since by nature this generation are tech-savvy. Yes, we are talking about mobile apps!

Indonesia and its 266 million population with half of it are aged between 18 and 34 spends on average five hours a day on the internet. That is why mobile apps is a big hit to reach out the generation of avocado toast. Mobile app, for now, is the best platform to survive your businesses in facing the generation.

Millennials are widely well-known because of their youthquake move in killing several industries that are usually used by their parents. From napkins to cereal, fancy dinner to a grand wedding party, the world is convinced that millennials are a big-time industry killer, like no other generations. If you want to survive your business, you have to adapt to their preference. As the quickest answer, mobile apps are the key to thriving businesses in marketing in the midst of the millennial era.

Here are some categories of mobile apps that are loved by millennials, and those mobile apps may help you thrive, or instead become your best competitor!

Mobile payment

With the vast growth of the economic sector balanced with the advancement of technology, it is getting easier to see people pay cashless, even paying for food at the street food vendors. Wallets nowadays are moved into mobile apps, and the physical money slowly shifts into digital form. People gradually change their preferences in payment with these mobile payment apps.

The emergence of financial technology startups has become the landmark of this financial evolution. The mobile apps that serve people with banking services (loan, saving, and investment) are getting more users each day. Plus, the support from government is getting bold for such mobile app. Fintech services are to be seen as the gate to financial inclusions for the unbanked.

This mobile app, if you are keen, may be integrated with your business in order to make your businesses grow even more. Moreover, if you dare to make some breakthrough, like attractive promo or cashback per payment made by using such apps, more user will be converted to be your loyal customer.

On-Demand Service

This kind of mobile app has become a real talk in Indonesia for the past few years. With its versatility of service, this on-demand service app may help people with various kinds of need. On-demand service apps are also deemed to be helpful for, not only millennials themselves, but also other generations as well. While maybe the predecessor generations may face some difficulties in using the tech at the beginning, millennials see it as the basic life skill one should master when the weaning process began.

This app too is a big gateway for your businesses to step into the next level or market. Imagine having your service or product being sold through such apps, immediately you will receive more orders than when you market your product traditionally. While it may seem handy, this app too is a source of tight competition. You are not the first one to know the benefits of this app for your business. That is why you should always look for a distinction that makes your products always seem juicy and appealing!

Artificial intelligence (AI)

How many apps nowadays that offers AI as their supporting system? Way too many! It is the personalization that they offer. Take that one music streaming app as an example! It uses AI so it can track down your music preference. That is why you are provided with “Weekly Discover” playlist that suits your musical taste. While in Sci-Fi movies AI is often seen as a threat to humanity, this tech will still be deemed to help human beings in the period of near future.

If you can adapt this tech into your businesses, making yourself an app with AI to guide people to be your customer, your businesses will be a big hit in no time!



With the rapid growing technology, you as business owners should see it as advantages to make your businesses grow. Using, integrating, or owning mobile apps will help you strive in the era of millennials. However, the most essential thing is what you offer to them, what makes your business different from the others. And then you present it using apps as the platform!

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