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My Dive is a marketplace for divers who want to purchase diving equipments via online. It is a good source of good quality diving gears, diving lessons, and diving trips. gained valuable customer trust of the products they sell on their eCommerce Website.

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about eases those who need to make some purchases of diving equipment. With its categorized search engine and supported online purchases, users can look for diving equipments in no time! is an eCommerce website that becomes a good source for divers to make purchases of diving-related stuff. As a marketplace, does not only provide high quality diving gears, but also become a place where divers can engage with vendors fo diving courses and trips. is a reliable source for diving gears, courses and trips since it has been supported by diving organization. Some key features of this website includes:

  • Online purchases
  • Categorized search engine
  • Email Subscription for new products and promos