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Prepare yourself before starting college at STAN with the Stanbrain app, the trusted and recommended tutoring in Indonesia.

Prospective students are now more confident and able to learn the SPMB PKN STAN materials online via the Stanbrain app.

dotcom solution Mobile Application portfolio Stanbrain


Stanbrain app is an online tutoring application that innovated by Stanbrain Pendidikan Indonesia which is the aim to come prepared prospective students before joining STAN.

Dotcom Solution supported Stanbrain in mobile app development to provide the following best features:

     Streaming & downloadable tutoring videos.

     Thousands of post-test, quiz, and tryout where the national rank of users showed.

     The explore feature where users can find tips and tricks as well as motivation videos that encouraging.

     The online National Olympics event that users can join to get an award.